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I'm Shersten!


Vivd Colors/Long Hair

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About Shersten

Specializing in fantasy and vivid colors, Shersten never ceases to impress with her creativity and amazing color combinations. She is also a very skilled seamstress and enjoys doing cosplay during her down time.



What is an interesting or little-known fact about yourself?

I am a seamstress and costume maker!

What salon service is your favorite to perform and why? 

My favorite service to perform in the salon is Fantasy Color.  I love helping people express their love, joy and personality through their hair! 

Do you prefer dogs, cats, plants or something else?

Do fairies count? I am pretty sure I have a family ​of them living in my backyard!

Would you rather head out on a beach vacation or mountain adventure? 

I would prefer a beach vacation!

What is your favorite weekend activity? 

My favorite weekend activity would either be participating in a photoshoot or adventuring somewhere in the mountains. 

A destination or experience that is on your bucket list?

My biggest bucket list item would be to experience a trip to New Zealand.

Get in Touch with Me

Have a question? Call, text or email me! 

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