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I'm Gina!


Full Highlights/Custom Coloring/Extensions/Custom Cuts

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About Gina

She was raised in Pueblo, Colorado.  Gina is happily married to her husband Kurt and has one daughter named Ella.  She's been doing hair since 2005 and loves doing blondes and balayage. I also love learning new trends, attending hair classes, and learning new things!



What is an interesting or little-known fact about yourself?

I love any any all things scary, weird, odd and morbid. I also love to read books. 

What salon service is your favorite to perform and why? 

I really like doing color. It's fun to transform someone's hair in a dramatic way. 

Do you prefer dogs, cats, plants or something else?

I have two dogs, leopard gecko, Axolotl and betta fish 

Would you rather head out on a beach vacation or mountain adventure? 

I love the water–it doesn't matter if it's a river, lake or ocean. 

What is your favorite weekend activity? 

Favorite weekend activity is to be outdoors sitting and reading a book or walking my dogs. 

A destination or experience that is on your bucket list?

I'm open to traveling anywhere in the world. I don't care where. I'm fascinated by other people's countries and cultures!

Get in Touch with Me

Have a question? Call, text or email me! 

Beauty Salon in Parker, Co

As an expert hair stylist Parker, CO, my services include but are not limited to full color, custom haircuts and updos for special occasions. I absolutely love being apart one of the top hair salons in Denver and can't wait for you to book your next appointment with me!

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