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I'm Allie!


Esthetician/Skin Care/Custom Facials

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About Allie

Specializing in custom facials to suit anyone's skin needs. Also an instructor at the Aveda institute, Allie will answer any questions you might have regarding your skin concerns and routines!


What is an interesting or little-known fact about yourself?

Instructor at the Aveda Institute

What spa service is your favorite to perform and why? 

Custom Facials! Love to help anyone find their perfect skincare routine!

Do you prefer dogs, cats, plants, or something else?


Would you rather head out on a beach vacation or mountain adventure? 

I'm up for either! I love to soak up the sunshine with my toes in the sand or climb the Rocky Mountains! 

What is your favorite weekend activity? 

I love a good night out with my BFFs and a Spa Day with the girls.

A destination or experience that is on your bucket list?

I'd love to visit Seattle!

Get in Touch with Me

Have a question? Call, text or email me! 

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